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Multi Management and Future Solutions

Multi Management & Future Solutions is a leading top financial advisory based in Singapore helping traders and investors grow their money in SGX Singapore. Our objective behind entering Singapore market is to make institutions and retail investors get optimum advantage of our advisory and our prolific market know how. Our clients are exploring SGX Singapore – the second biggest listed exchange of Asia, and tapping the amazingly wide range of securities, derivatives and commodities here. We offer you a host of attributes:

  •   Updated market information from Singapore market.

  •   Special packages with intraday stock tips for intraday traders.

  •   World-class and customized advice with profitable tips as per your trading interest.

  •   Special packages to comprise your stock trading, FOREX trading and COMEX trading needs.

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Got a query or need some advice? Someone is always there to help you. You can directly speak to our team member by telephone or our team will reply to your email within 24 hours.


fair prices

We are highly committed to customer satisfaction and being transparent about price options, we offer services to clients that are worth smiling and fair.

best offers

best offers

We offer distinct service standards, depending on the funds that you hold. The quality of our service remains equally high across each of these standards. You can test our service accuracy by using free trial offer.

our dedicated team

Our dedicated team

We have a team of experts capable of maximizing the result and delivering the highly potential returns based on the research and technical analysis.

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