We value our customer’s and are dedicated in providing the best services. By subscribing to our services and accepting and taking advantage of the free trial, you agree that there will be NO REFUNDS.

We’re having the professional employers in our research team who are well experienced and trained. They are capable to study the market instantly thereby providing the beneficial tips. At Multi Management & Future Solutions , we give the recommendations through proper analysis about the market & thereafter recommend strategy. Additionally, we do provide the free trials to ensure our clients with the type of services we provide to them. Thus, we do not have any cancellation or refund policy formatted.

Before subscribing with Multi Management & Future Solutions, please go through the following:

Read the terms and condition page.

Go through the privacy policy of the company.

Have a look at the FAQ section.

Go through the about us page.

Analyze our performance through our track sheets.

Before making a decision for subscribing with us take a view of our site. Check all your credit cards and passwords are not disclosed to anyone and no one can pay from your account so that your membership remains secured.

Always put a SL(stop loss) while trading in any call given by us, We at ‘Multi Management & Future Solutions’ never give any call without Stop Loss, therefore trade with Stop Loss and in case if you don’t put SL the company would not be responsible for the loss.

Thus, make sure you have gone through the disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions and refund policy before proceeding for subscription or making payment for any of our services.

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